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Lawyer life
September 10, 2021

In the U.K. there’s no shortage of women entering the legal industry, with about half of lawyers in law firms being women. However, as you progress up the ladder of seniority, the scales start to tip, with only one-third of law firm partners being women.

Lawyer life
September 3, 2021

Given that English is not a grammatically gendered language, like French or Spanish, the generic masculine is fairly restricted in modern day use. Despite this, the gender masculine remains pervasive in the legal industry.

Lawyer life
August 14, 2021

Making mistakes when you’re a lawyer can be catastrophic. As junior lawyers we hear horror stories of multi-million pound professional negligence claims and lawyers being struck off because they put a comma in the wrong place in a contract. The result – we are all terrified of making mistakes!

Lawyer life
March 23, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s preventing you from achieving your potential? The truth is: the only thing holding you back is YOU. There are lots of ways we self-sabotage, and in this article I talk about the ones I’ve personally experienced.

Lawyer life
February 16, 2021

You’ve invested time, energy, and often money into getting where you are today… only to realise the shoe doesn’t fit. It’s an uncomfortable thought, and often comes with dread, frustration, and doubt. It can often feel like you’re taking a step back, when the reality is: you’re taking an important step towards where you need to be.