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Hi, I’m Alice

I’m Alice and I’m the Founder & CEO of Stephenson Law, a UK law firm which I’ve grown to a revenue of >£3m and a team of over 30 in less than 5 years.

My mission is to empower lawyers to challenge tradition, reinvigorate law, and embrace innovation and inclusion. For far too long the legal industry has been synonymous with elitism, legal jargon and a less than exemplary reputation. I’m on a mission to change that.

Training & Consulting

I offer training and consulting services to lawyers and law firm owners on a range of non-legal topics, including starting a law firm, marketing, personal brand and diversity and inclusion.

I want all lawyers to be able to find their place in the industry. I want to make owning a law firm as accessible as possible. I want innovation and inclusion to be embedded into the heart of every law firm. I want to fill the industry with human lawyers.

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