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(Out)Law: From Teenage Mum to Legal Trailblazer

(Out)Law is a powerful and inspiring journey of survival and resourcefulness, exploring the remarkable life of Alice Stephenson who defied adversity to become a beacon of change in the legal world.

At just 18, Alice faced the challenges of teenage motherhood and homelessness, yet refused to be defined by her circumstances. Determined and focused, she embarked on a path of education, navigating the complexities of university while juggling her responsibilities as a young mother.

Having qualified as a solicitor, Alice had proven that barriers could be broken down thanks to grit and passion, but her story doesn’t stop there. In 2017, she set out to disrupt the legal industry by founding her own law firm – Stephenson Law.
Out)Law is a testament to one person’s defiance of societal expectations when coupled with drive and ambition. This book explores the struggles and challenges that women and those whose face doesn’t fit the mould face, as Alice stands against the norms of a male-dominated, elitist legal profession.  

Through her journey, Alice not only reshapes the legal landscape but also redefines what it means to be an outlaw—a rebel fighting for justice and change. Taking aim at archaic traditions, outdated perspectives, and an industry rife with discrimination, (Out)Law explores how innovation, inclusivity and the humanisation of lawyers are the key to delivering change within one of the world’s oldest profession. And, oh yes, how tattoos won’t bring the skies crashing onto our heads, either.

(Out)Law is the must-read story of one woman’s remarkable journey from teenage mum to legal trailblazer.
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