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Law firm life
August 24, 2021

Marketing a law firm isn’t easy because law is an inherently dull topic – unless you’re actually a lawyer you’re unlikely to find the nuts and bolts of recent legal case interesting, and even then it’s questionable! But, despite this, I believe law firms can do a lot more to make their social media marketing interesting and more effective, so this article sets out the three mistakes I see being made over and over again.

Law firm life
August 18, 2021

When I started Stephenson Law I didn’t have a single client. I hadn’t been in private practice long enough to build a client following, and I had no sales experience. So how did I build a business that made £17k in its first month and over £1m in its second year? This article breaks down the steps I took to win clients for my new law firm.

Lawyer life
August 14, 2021

Making mistakes when you’re a lawyer can be catastrophic. As junior lawyers we hear horror stories of multi-million pound professional negligence claims and lawyers being struck off because they put a comma in the wrong place in a contract. The result – we are all terrified of making mistakes!

Law firm life
August 13, 2021

From leaving private practice to opening the doors of my own law firm. When I look back at those times now, I can see how much I’ve learned. About law, myself and business. Starting Stephenson Law has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding and enjoyable.

My life
May 28, 2021

In October 2020, a member of my team sent me the link to the Innovate UK ‘Women in Innovation’ award, suggesting I apply. At the time I didn’t know very much about Innovate UK and the work it does, and I’d never heard of the Women in Innovation Award, but I quickly realised it was something I needed to explore...

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