A peer-to-peer network supporting the future of your law firm

Our mission

When building a law firm, you soon realise a few hard truths. First, change is now within your grasp. Second, you're accountable to more than just yourself. And third, you're completely, and utterly, on your own.

When I founded Stephenson Law in 2017, I was prepared for the challenge, I was ready for innovation, and I was willing to work, hard. However, I wasn't prepared for how lonely running a law firm could be, and how difficult it would be to access information to help build my business.

Five years on, the business is on steady ground. But those years spent figuring it out cost us valuable time. And that's time I'm determined today's law firm leaders don't have to sacrifice.

And so, Lawscape, the first law firm network of its kind, was born.

What we do...

They say it's lonely at the top... but it doesn't have to be. Lawscape provides leaders in law with exclusive monthly masterclasses, discounts on 1:1 consultancy with me, an expansive legal referral network, and priority access to our events.

Put simply, we ensure you don't go it alone, propelling your law firm forward in the process.

Am I eligible?

If you're a founder, CEO, partner, director or senior manager of a business providing legal services to businesses or consumers, you're eligible to join.

You don't need to be a lawyer - if you're working in marketing, sales, HR, operations, tech or finance, we'd love to see you in Lawscape.


Strategy & Business Model
Sales & Pricing
Hiring & Managing a Team
Marketing & Building a Brand
Tech & Innovation
Managing a Practice
Building a Company Culture

"I've created Lawscape to bring together leaders of the next-generation law firms so that, collectively, we can create a legal industry fit for the 21st century."


£95 / month

  • 1 clinic with me a month - ask me anything
  • 1 expert masterclass a month - with me or an expert speaker
  • 20% discount on my 1:1 consulting services and digital courses
  • Access to our community page where you can ask our network anything
  • Access to a referral network for legal work
  • Priority tickets for all Lawscape events

£990 / year

  • All the same benefits from MONTHLY
  • Plus a free 30 minute 1:1 consultation with me (worth £180)
places are limited, so don't miss out!