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A digital course covering everything I wish I'd known when I started Stephenson Law.

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We need more startup law firms. The legal industry is steeped in tradition, archaic practices and outdated perspectives, which is why entrepreneurship and innovation are essential to creating a more modern, fit for purpose industry. Without it, we will fail to attract diverse, talented and creative new lawyers.

When I started Stephenson Law in 2017, I couldn't find any resources to help guide me through the process of starting my law firm. So, I've written this course to share everything I wish I'd known with those who are now going through it. It’s focussed on the UK regulatory requirements, although if you’re setting up a law firm in another jurisdiction, the majority of the content will still be relevant to you.

Why I made this course
What will this course teach you?

This course is a series of videos, supported by various templates, that will guide you through the process of setting up your law firm, from deciding whether to incorporate as a limited company or LLP, to writing your business plan, applying for insurance and getting authorised by the SRA.

But once you've got a launch date, the hard work really begins. I share everything I've learned about getting clients, managing a practice, building a team and designing your tech stack, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did.

I also talk about the challenges of life as a founder. From nurturing your mindset to managing stress and imposter syndrome, success requires much more than simply growing your firm. You will also need to grow as an individual and invest time in yourself.

This course will enable you to...
Save time - by giving you all the information you need to get your law firm off the ground, you won't need to spend hours on Google like I did!
Make less mistakes - whilst mistakes are inevitable to a point, you can also learn from all the mistakes I've made so you don't make the same ones.
Increase your chance of success - only 25% of new law firms get off the ground. With all the information in this course, your chances of being in the 25% are much higher.

I really want your law firm to succeed, so I haven't held back in sharing everything I've learned on my journey in starting a law firm.

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What people are saying...

"I wish Alice’s course and materials had been available when I started Bellevue Law 8 years ago! They contain a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical advice to enable new law firm owners to get it right from the start"

Florence Brocklesby, Founder, Bellevue Law
"When I launched Thrive I had no idea where to start. I wish I had this resource when launching - it's practical and covers all the important areas many lawyers forget when launching their own firm"

Jodie Hill, Founder, Thrive Law

Need more support?

If you need any additional support, you can book an hour's consulting time with me where we can run though any challenges you're facing (additional fee applies).

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