I can advise you on the challenges you’re facing and the options available to overcome them.

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You might be a lawyer wanting to take the leap into entrepreneurship, a law firm owner struggling with a particular issue, or a lawyer wanting to build your personal brand.

I’m here to help!

I provide practical advice based on my knowledge and experience of starting and running a law firm and am fully transparent about my journey and approach.

What my clients say...
I consulted with Alice as I started to scale up my law firm and and wanted to discuss a number of issues. Alice provided me with some really helpful guidance on the roles I need within the business and we discussed some of the challenges I faced and solutions to these issues.

Alice is approachable and we had a wonderful open discussion that became a road map to follow. I will continue to work with Alice and I think she is a fantastic role model in the legal industry. I would highly recommend speaking to Alice as she can provide knowledge, experience and support.

Natasha Lewis, Managing Partner, Denley Solicitors
Alice gives pro-active advice and is a real pleasure to deal with. Her experience in setting up her own law firm, despite the challenges, offer some great learning points.

Rob Atkinson, Consultant legal director
I consulted Alice when I was starting to scale up my tax advisory firm and wanted to learn from her experience following the fast growth of Stephenson Law. Alice provided some really practical advice on specific issues and concerns I had and made several suggestions I had not previously considered but which will now form part of my plans.

She then followed up with a really structured email setting out a plan based on what we had discussed so I had a detailed roadmap to follow. I would really recommend speaking to Alice to gain clarity and expert opinion on your objectives.

Sarah Gardner, Founder of Allegro Tax
I'd been facing a few dilemmas around growing my business, additional services I could offer, and social media usage. Although I'm lucky to have a good support network of friends, family, and professional peers, I wanted to get a completely fresh perspective and take on this.

After spending an hour with Alice talking through everything, I feel a lot clearer and have a set of practical follow-ups to action. Alice is extremely easy to speak to and I definitely felt comfortable being myself and being open in our discussions.

Iain Russell, Founder, Russell IP

Given Alice's success at setting up Stephenson Law on a shoestring and even though my start up practice is doing well I decided to book an hour of consultation with Alice to see if there was anything I could do better. It was time and money well spent.

As a sole practitioner, it was a great sanity check and through the conversation I was able to get a far clearer picture of what I was doing well and where more work was required. Alice is a good listener and the advice she gave had clearly been thought through - as well as pointing me towards a tailored recommendations of things I should be doing, she was very good at explaining why I should be doing it. This is really helpful in fitting the advice to my business so that is actionable.

Also, she was a pleasure to deal with!

Richard Gillespie, founder, Inventorship
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